Guest rooms in the center of Gdansk

Main Town or Right Town (Rechtstadt) – a representative part of Gdańsk’s Śródmieście district, forming a compact historic complex. Most of the city’s monuments are located here; St. Mary’s Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Golden Gate or Town Hall of the Main City and the historic axis of the Royal Road consisting of ul. Długa and Długa Targ.

The monuments focused on the Main City make it a tourist center of Gdańsk. Therefore, the name of this area is often confused with the Old Town, located north of the Main City, whose historical urban tissue was not reconstructed after World War II.

The Main City obtained a city location in 1343, re-granting city rights in 1378, degraded in 1457.

Since 2013, thanks to the cooperation of artists, the city and housing associations, it has been possible to renovate and give artistic decorations to over one hundred facades of tenement houses at ul. Ogarna, Szeroka, Świętojańska and Vegetable, which include reliefs, castings, sgraffito and ceramics (e.g. at the confluence of Szeroka and Złotników on the facade a mosaic in the form of a colorful ammonite shell was placed, a mural appeared on the concave corner of Szeroka Street and Tandeta Street – a collage of old labels, advertising inscriptions and photos, and The facades of Rybackie Pobrzeze received details in the form of Gdańsk coins and marine elements.